Rabbits and Rus Toys

We’ve just expanded the options for custom Rabbits and Russian Toy Terriers:

-You can now order a brown Rabbit in addition to white, black and gray.  Pink eyes also were introduced a few weeks ago.

-There’s now an option to order a Rus Toy Terrier with regular tail (previously it was only available with docked tail).

Both features were requested and long overdue. Hope you all are have a great weekend!


Long tail is only available for Rus Toys of 6 cm and higher. 5 cm dogs are too small for a tail of this sort, tiniest parts at the tip would be impossible to print.



Hey there, everyone! We hope you had a great weekend!

We’ve just made a few small, but important changes throughout the site. The most important of which is the PRICELIST which is now available in the main menu. You’ll find there all the prices for all the pets we have.  All in one place — something we should have done a long time ago.

If you look inside most of the sections you’ll find that they are more neatly arranged now. Especially you may want to check our VIDEO section.

All this alone with the ordering forms which are now embedded and with the new ONLINE SHOP engine make a huge difference!

We always welcome your suggestions on how to make the site more comfortable for our users!


New dolls in the Shop

We’ve just added  about a dozen new dolls to our ONLINE SHOP  It takes several month to make a custom doll, while read-made dolls are shipped within 2 or 3 days.

Some of your clients might be wondering, how come we add dolls to the store while some of our custom dolls still get delayed on occasion. The thing is that this are parallel production processes, and custom dolls are our priority. In fact many of this dolls were in our vault for several months, we simply didn’t have time to put them on sale.

Hopefully with the new Online Shop engine it gonna get easier and faster.


Online Shop

We’ve redesigned our Online Shop. There’s now a cart which you can fill instead of the silly PayPal buttons in blog posts.  But we still use PayPal, of course, for all the transactions.

We are eager to get your feedback and you suggestions on the whole experience. And soon we’ll be adding more dolls to our shop, so don’t miss it!


Photos by Ludmila Odintzova