PayPal issues — SOLVED

Update: All the previous issues seem to be behind us now. Everything should be working fine!

Little announcement regarding orders which are now ready to be shipped.
A the moment we are experiencing temporary issues with PayPal where payments are not coming through. This is due to our local limitations (PayPal is different for each region), which should be lifted on December 1.
For those of you who were unable to send a payment in the last few days, worry not. It should all get back to normal soon. We’ve got about a dozen packages right now which await shipping. We apologize for the inconvenience!


Baby Dragon has arrived!

We finally are ready to open the pre-order for the Baby Dragon. Right now it’s only available in green and red, but we’ll be adding colors later and at least one larger size.

Don’t be deceived by the seemingly small measurements (4 cm). We measure from toes to withers, and with Baby Dragon withers is the lowest point, since proportions are different from say cats. In terms of volume at’s close to a 6 cm British cat.


I know we promised to start shipping adult dragons this week. We’ll start on Monday! Some of them are already packaged. We apologize for the delay!

Since ordering forms were just setup, there might be some mistakes or glitches lingering. We did test them but in case you encounter any, please drop us a note and we’ll fix them at once!