Rabbit pre-order is open!

As we’ve promised, we are opening the pre-order for the Rabbit on April 15. Meaning today! Visit our Rabbits section for more information, or go directly to the ORDERING FORM.


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Also don’t be shy and submit us any questions you might have.


The Rabbit

Here’s our next announcement. Pre-orders for the Rabbit will open early April.

Rabbit 1

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And yes, the ears a mobile as well!


The Pug is here!

Today is March 19, and we are opening the pre-order for our Pug! Visit the Dog section of this site, or follow the DIRECT LINK to the ordering form

Pug 3

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The Pug is available in two colors: beige and black, and you can choose the size from 5 cm 10 cm (toes to withers).

Click here to see the prices. 


Open letter to Materialise

UpdateMaterialise contacted us, and we had a nice conversation by phone.  We tried to explain our angle in this situation and they seemed open for dialog.  The software is still overpriced but we might workout a compromise solution after all. And if not it might be a sign of positive change in the future.


As you know our studio depends  on 3D printing. 3D printing industry is increadably fast growing, but at the same time it’s very underdeveloped in terms of software. Few software packages which do exist are quite expensive, even by the 3D software standards. There are basically only two packages worth using: netfabb and Magics.

Magics was developed by a Belgium based company Materialise. We had a short exchange with them recently, discussing the possibility of purchasing their software. They don’t have prices listed on their website. At least I myself had trouble locating them and I suspect that the prices might even vary from region to region. In the end we were shocked to discover how much it all costs.

Here’s our small open letter to Materialise:

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We are back online!

Our site was down for a couple of days. Apparently we were under a massive spam attack, so to maximize our security and the site’s performance we made a decision to move to a new hosting account. That took some time, but now we are back on track for the most part and we are happy to present you the Pug!

Pug Front

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The pre-order for the pug will open on March 19. Be prepared! ^_^


Spider’s here!

Our first spider is available for pre-ordering! We’ve open a new section on our site for this creature as well as for future BJD arachnoids.

Just fill out THE FORM and get yourself one of those babies. To protect you in your sleep!


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Spider is coming!

In a few days we’ll opening pre-order for the tarantula. Stay alert!

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You can expect at least 3 more new pets announcements this month.

We’ll also be adding several cats to the store as well.  And while you are digesting this news, be sure to check our Trustcloud section for more insider’s info! :)



Today we’ve received the the first prototypes for our upcoming spider and rabbit doll. Expect major updates soon!

As you also might have noticed the selection of dolls in our STORE is running out. Most of the cats are sold. But again in the coming weeks we plan to replenish it substantially.


New Cat Models: Front View

We’ve got many requests to show how updated cats look from the front. Unfortunately, we don’t have photos yet, only 3D snapshots.


Sphinx / New model, Front

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Oriental / New model, Front

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British / New model, Front

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